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【オレ司】仁義なき戦い【僕司】 | カカ
Translation and Typesetting by me
Pairing: Akakuro

this took me so long because sO MUCH WORDS omf never again
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【オレ司】仁義なき戦い【僕司】 | カカ

Translation and Typesetting by me

Pairing: Akakuro

this took me so long because sO MUCH WORDS omf never again

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【KnB】 Meow 【AkaKuro】



【赤黒】にゃー by おけあ
Translation: uaremysoulsoul
Typesetting: akashikuroko

"Do you want to play?"

Notes: OTP, stahp being so adorable and giving everybody a nosebleed. Just kidding, never stop.

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I've seen you ship NoizSei pretty hard, but my question to you is, how would they work as a couple? I can see how Minkuri work, their chemistry/relationship wise, not so much NoizSei and looks like a fun ship to sail. You think you can give me something, that can convince me more?


I’m assuming that you’ve already read this post I made on NoizSei which kind of sets up the idea behind the ship, and I’ll expand on this now.

Canon pairings in DMMD cast Aoba as the Healer. Each boyfriend needs healing in order to have a normal life. Clear needs free will, Koujaku needs unconditional acceptance of his crimes, etc. Aoba uses Scrap and Heals them by delivering what they need directly to their cores, where they must accept it.

Noiz is a unique case.

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i think ppl should draw smooches more because basically if you can draw a heart you can draw a KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

i mean these are simple smooch poses but… they are so fun 2 do *_*




aomine and can I just say I love your analysis of kise(≧∇≦)


alksjdlakjsd THANKS!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ And, oh no.. My ganguro bby >////< Though this might not be as long as Kise’s because Aominecchi isn’t as complicated as Kise. Like you can actually read him like an open book, but not really (stfu Coco) so let’s see what I think about AOminecchi ssssshhh

Also, warning, this post is heavily AoKise-bias omg.

Put a character in my Ask Box and I’ll answer:
Who I pair them with:
imageKISEE, KISE RYOUTA, RYOUTA, Kise bby and.. occasionally Kagami because AHOBAKA //sobs and also KISE.

Who I hate them with:
KUROKO, KUROKOCCHI, TETSU, TETSUYA, as in I can’t accept them in a romantic way okay, if it’s just in a brotherly kind of way, then I can consider it. Like them talking about their damn cute boyfriends and everything. Also, Momocchi because AGAIN I VIEW MOMOCCHI AS AOMINECCHI’S SISTER, NOT MORE THAN THAT. And, I think Sakurai too, Idek, I can only see them as friends and that’s just that. Also, Kasamatsu, like trust me I have seen Aomine/Kasamatsu before and that’s just NO. >A< But I don’t hate nOTP shippers though, so you guys can still come into my arms and talk about cute homo basuke boys together even though my nOTP is your OTP, and my OTP is your nOTP. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Okay good.

Why I like/hate them:

//CRACKS FINGERS// Aominecchi is super hard omg. I won’t do a long detail thingy on why I love AOminecchi like how I did one for Kise. But let’s divide Aomine into three phases, pure!Mine, douche!Mine, and then boyfriend!Mine (*´・v・)

First thing first IS2G this little ganguro undergoes the biggest teenager’s hormonal problem ever. But at last, he gets through everything and becomes the Aominecchi that he is right now hhhh

Let’s talk about pure!Mine, SURELY YOU HAVE A DAMN PROBLEM if you dislike pure!Mine, like I couldn’t even find any problem with this Aominecchi, he was like this one pure boy whose love for basketball is limitless. Aomine at this phase enjoys playing basketball in his formless kind of way, he plays it better than anyone else because Aominecchi bby played basuke way earlier than everyone else.

But even so, he wasn’t smug or anything, even though he is good, he still accepts those who are still growing and/or weaker than him. Like how he encouraged Kurokocchi to keep on playing basketball even though he wasn’t really good at it. And it was because of Aomine’s encouragement that Kuroko gets that opportunity to meet with Akashi, who in turn, notices his potential and trains him to be le phantom player.

I can say that Aomine might be the role model for everyone during the earlier days of Teikou. AND THEN COMES KISE WHOSE FIRE IN HIS EYES WAS ABOUT TO DISTINGUISH COMPLETELY BECAUSE HE COULDN’T FIND ANY STRONG OPPONENT, AND THEN FATED MEETING HAPPEN AND AND Aominecchi is the reason on why Kise starts playing basketball.

And AoKise bias aside, this is a big achievement for Aominecchi okay, because if it wasn’t for him, Kise wouldn’t be playing basketball like what he’s doing right now, he would keep wandering around to we don’t even know where, because Kise bby just wants to try anything that can lights up a fire within him. AND IT’S GOOD THING THAT IT TURNS TO BE BASKETBALL INSTEAD OF OTHER SCARY THINGS OK (like drug and stuff like that but you get my point ORZ Gemini babies can be dangerous because their curiosity is so strong and they’re always up for new stuff that interests them).

SO in other words, from the very start, Aominecchi saved Kise first and then the gear will started to turn around at some point in their relationship later.

Also I love the little bastard side of Aominecchi who keeps bullying Kise bby during their times in Teikou because he makes Kise felt welcome ok.

And that’s so precious because bby needs all kind of contacts and interaction in order for him to understand that he is accepted into the team because Kise bby can be so dense sometimes shshshh

Before we proceed to Aominecchi’s changes, do you remember the quote “— I strengthen myself because of you. ” from AOminecchi himself which comes from this cover? In other words, Aomine becomes stronger because of Kise.

If my theory is right, ever since Kise comes, he keeps challenging Aominecchi into one-on-ones almost everyday and he keeps losing and yet Kise gives Aomine a new challenge every time they face each other daily. And in return, aside from Kise, Aomine keeps getting better and better too because Kise is one of those few people that Aomine can go all out when playing against him.

And the only reason that Aominecchi couldn’t afford to limit himself when playing with Kise is because of Kise’s kind of basketball depends on the strength of his opponent, the stronger his opponent is, the stronger Kise becomes. And that’s why, against Kise, Aominecchi always go all out. ;w;

IN return, Aomine’s potential grows rapidly and soon, the official matches against other school become too easy for him hence he is slowly turning to douche!Mine as a result of his unbeatable strength, at this point, he develops a narcissistic attitude (which I actually love wwwwww) and so, “The only one who can beat me is me.”

And this is the crucial point of Aominecchi, I especially dislike people who blamed Aominecchi for being a douche or anything at this point. It’s not like he can control his strength or anything, all that he wants is for his opponent to NOT GIVE UP on him. But then most of them gave up even from the start of the match, and it’s because of that Aomine lost the joy in playing basketball.

Like do you understand what I’m talking about, it used to be like this, it used to be about Aomine and his joy in playing against opponents who are determined to win, who are determined in basketball as much as him, it doesn’t matter if they’re weak or whatever, he just wants to see the spirit in others okay.

And please don’t blame Aominecchi when he started to get distant from playing basketball, because what hurts him the most is the way his opponents give up. And the more he plays, the more he wins over those people who are not even trying, the more it hurts Aominecchi himself ;A;

It’s not because he has become a different person or anything, but urgghh, it’s because he couldn’t afford to see those people who are supposed to feel joy when playing basketball lost their spirit okay? Aominecchi used to be that kind of person, and when things started getting too intense and even his other teammate become stronger too, it kind of become too late to save him at that point.

And this part is AoKise bias, but I believe that Aomine favors Kise from the others, or at least HE HAS SOFT SPOT for Kise, because while he saved Kise from the very first time Kise joined the basuke team, Kise in return saved Aomine for countless times for providing him with a good challenges and it’s not the matter of who win or lose, it’s a matter of Kise never gives up even though he lost to Aominecchi way more often that everyone else. And if you’re in Aomine’s boat even you will develops a kind of soft spot for this one person who keeps on chasing after you and most especially never gives up on you okay? And that’s why AoKise is so precious ヽ(;▽;)ノ

So, high school came, Kise and Aomine went to different school, and is this turning into AoKise talk, as a result of that, Aomine lost his source of challenges (which admit it or not, usually comes from Kise), and so his condition becomes worse. And his attitude started to turn for the worse too BUT THEN deep down within his heart, he still have soft spot for his previous teammates okay ;w;

At this point, Aomine believed that the only one who can beat himself is him, and he only plays basketball because he can, not because he enjoys it anymore. Even so, there are people who want to save him, Momoicchi, Kurokocchi and KISE.

Ahh, that aside, like I said before, Aomine loves it when the fire in his opponent’s eyes doesn’t die down. And that’s why he takes interest in Kagami too because that guy sure roar like a Tiger even though Aomine completely destroyed him in their first one-on-one. ;w;

And aahhh, after Touou’s first win against Seirin, Aomine’s attitude kind of getting more worse I guess? Because Kuroko once said that one day, there will come a guy who is going to kick Aomine-kun’s ass or something like that, but then Aomine kicked their asses instead so… //sobs

BUT THEN COME his match against Kisee, his long lost love, that one of the few persons who won’t drag Aominecchi’s spirit down because Kise’s determination is limitless. Even if he loses for many times, he keeps saying that I’LL WIN NEXT TIME, I’LL WIN THIS TIME, and that’s the lovely side of Kise, which Aomine loves ;w;

And ahhhh, if you’re into AoKise, then you can feel how the match between Kaijou/Touou actually hurts them both emotionally and physically. I mean, you can tell from their conflicted expression alone ;A;


And so it’s a prove that, deep down inside Aominecchi’s douche heart,

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Kise because I love reading about him in your words ^w^


YAY ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ This is going to be super hard hngnghh

Put a character in my Ask Box and I’ll answer:
Who I pair them with:
AOMINECCHI!, Aomine Daiki, Daikicchi, Daicchi, MINEral water, also Kagamicchi.

Who I hate them with:
Hnnnn, this is kind of hard since Kise is such a flexible character, he can almost be paired with basically everyone because he IS KISE. But then if you insist, I think the one pairing that makes me frown and question why the heck is this guy being paired with Kise is probably NijiKise? Because let’s face the fact that they don’t even know each other that much, and Kise is all over Aominecchi, I don’t think he has time to pay attention to le ex-captain ;w; Also, because I think Nijimura is solely for Haizaki so… . .  . . But if this question asks about nOTP instead, then I have some list because I’m picky when it comes to the seme/uke order of le pairing ok.

Why I like/hate LOVE them:
//SCREAMS// This is hard! I don’t know how to answer this so let’s talk about how I view Kise instead, because I believe I love him for everything that he is. Kise bby in actuality is a complex character to begin with, if you view him as only a dorky/clingy character then you’re wrong in my opinion. If you view him as only that someone who is interested in people just for their basketball play, then you’re almost right but then you’re wrong again, in my opinion at least.

Kise’s character is hard to be read, because this cheeky little bastard has so many personalities, maybe because he is a Gemini and in general that’s how most Gemini/s are (You can refer to Imayoshi and Teppei for the other Geminis in this series and they have at least 2 personalities too).

Kise bby is kind of a judgmental person, but it is easy to prove him otherwise. And for that, I love him because he has that ability to understand people faster than everyone else IF and only IF you prove him that you’re worth his attention. This is probably because bby has met so many kind of people in his life (considering that he is a model), and it is important to leave a good impression to him or else he might not be interested in you. And that is step number 1 on how to tackle his attention. Wait this is turning into a guide on how to approach Kise omfg.

Ok, the fun part is, once you get to be the center of Kise’s attention, you’re good to go. Here is where you get to see Kise’s good qualities. All of the Kiseki no Sedai give a good impression on Kise and hence we can see how he gets along with practically everyone in the team (well, except for Akashi maybe because he is not that approachable to begin with but Kise is still okay with him).

In my opinion, Kise bby brings all of the Kiseki no Sedai together, when he joined in the team, everyone gets to be a part of their after-school walkout. They used to be split between, Midorimacchi + Akashi + Murasakibara, and the other three Kuroko + Momoi + Aomine, there was like a gap between the team members.

But when Kise joined, he brought all of them together, he baits Murasakibara into joining them by promising to buy him GoriGori-Kun, he even invited the tsundere Midorimacchi (who most of the time only hangs out with Akashi), but then even Midorimacchi hangs out with the others if he has nothing to do after school.

And that is great, because it is very much beneficial to everyone. In other words, Kise brings everyone together. And that’s why when the team started to fall apart, he is emotionally affected too. Kise’s changes in Teikou isn’t cause by his growing potential to begin with, he still went to practices but most of the others stopped coming to practice and in the end it was usually only him and Midorima (whose temper rivals to that of a woman in her period during that time //sobs) who came to practice, and that’s why Kise changed.

I would say that bby doesn’t like to be alone, if he is left alone, his mind will be occupied with a lot of negative thoughts and insecurities, he loves the company of others, Kise is a people person, he loves going out with everyone in his team. Even when he was on his diet, eating ice cream after practice is a whole different story for him because it’s something that he gets to do with EVERYONE (refer to Replace 4). And I admire that aspect of him because it’s not everyday that you get to see someone who holds the others in such a high respect and he is very much willing to sacrifice for them (and if this aspect isn’t obvious enough when he is in Kaijou, Idek what to say to you)

And like I said before, the only reason on why he changed was because everyone changed. Both Kise and Kuroko are affected by this changes (Momoi too, but let’s talk about the boys because Momoi is a special case, she still gets to stay by Dai-chan’s side because he kind of listen to her a little). The only different between Kise and Kuroko is the path that they took as the result of the changes from the others. Kuroko choose to stand with his belief, because his kind of basketball is the type that relies on the others, while Kise had the option to choose either to stay as he is or to grow, to grow with everyone else, and becomes their equals in hoping that he gets to be with the others once again. And he chose the second option and hence, our Kise bby changed along with the other Kiseki no Sedai. But in the end, it’s not entirely his fault, it’s because of the changes in others ;^; And that’s how we lost our bby Kise temporarily.

But before we talk about Kise in Kaijou, let’s admire the fact that bby is such a strong-willed and determined kind of a person. Let’s admire the fact that he lost to Aominecchi for countless times, perhaps even more than everyone else, but he never gave up, he puts on a challenge for him. And one of the reasons on why he chose to grow stronger because he wants to save Aominecchi too, he wants Aominecchi to be able to play basketball with joy like how he used to do. Also, my AOKise bias is showing so let’s move on.

Here comes Kaijou Kise who had never lost any match in his history of homo basuke (as in actual match, not the one-on-ones matches that he plays with AOminecchi shshsh). The way Kise was introduced to us might make him leaving a bad first impression for those people who only watch without taking in the other little details. SOME might say that he was hypocrite and so full of himself when he first appeared in Seirin (Also Kurokocchi himself said that so… . . people who agree with everything that Kurokocchi said will probably think so ;w;).

But then, as I said before, Kise has multiple personalities, or he loves to put up some kind of an act, a mask to hide himself. He appears as a kind of a smug character when he appeared at Seirin and also throughout the match until that one point when he accidentally injured Kurokocchi and then his mask has fallen.

Did you remember how worried and frightened his face was when Kurokocchi was subbed out from the game? And even after the whole match had ended and he had lost, he still looks so guilty when he saw the Seirin team walks away from Kaijou (during that time after Midorimacchi confronts him).

And and, here comes the interesting part again. While Kise might be interested in people because of their skills in basketball, it’s actually more than that. Do you remember that scene when after Kise + Kagami + Kuroko fought with those basketball street thugs, Kagami was lecturing Kurokocchi like a worried tenshi that he is. And Kise watches that scene, he watches that scene and takes in the image of Kagami, who is actually worried for Kuroko but shows his worry in a different way by lecturing him, and then Kise’s lips curve into a small smile.


And why? Because he finally gets it that Kagami isn’t what he thought he was, and this new guy who just knew Kurokocchi is actually worried for him. And so perhaps Kise is grateful because he knows that Kurokocchi has found someone who is actually the right person as his friend aside from being his true light.

And that’s why Kagami turns to ‘Kagamicchi’, in which I want to point out, Kise doesn’t necessarily judges people only based on their basketball, he considers every other qualities that makes that person him/herself and I want to emphasize this because I came across someone saying that Kise is only interested in people because of their basketball, and I disagree with that, because there is more depth in Kise’s character, deeper than you can ever imagine lakjsdalj

Anyway, ever since that match, Kise changes for the better. He trains harder and trusts his teammate a little bit more and he even said that it’s fun playing basketball with everyone in Kaijou. Which is what Kise actually looked for in basketball, he wants it to be fun ;w;

And let’s proceed with his issues with Aominecchi (⊙‿ ⊙✿)

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i forgot to include my dream address references! added now n_n

i added virus software bc i just know i’m gonna mess up my computer again and it might help other people so yup


consider the following aus

  • "we wore matching halloween costumes to this party" au
  • "we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled" au
  • "tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can u help me out" au
  • "we’re the only ones on campus who didn’t go home for christmas" au
  • "we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories" au
  • "accidentally fell in your lap while standing on this crowded bus" au
  • "can u help me sneak my cat into my dorm" au
  • "accidentally got assigned the same library study room so I guess we’ll have to share for the semester" au
  • "It’s raining and u forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus" au
  • "I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is" au